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      論文題目 作者 刊物名稱 年/卷/頁
      Transformation of humic acid and halogenated byproduct formation in UV-chlorine processes Li Tong, Jiang Yan, An Xiaoqiang,Liu Huijuan,Hu Chun, Qu Jiuhui Water Research 102 (2016) 421-427
      An activated carbon fiber cathode for the degradation of glyphosate in aqueous solutions by the Electro-Fenton mode: Optimal operational conditions and the deposition of iron on cathode on electrode reusability Lan Huachun,He Wenjing,Wang Aimin ,Liu Ruiping, Liu Huijuan,Qu Jiuhui, Huang C.P. Water Research 105 (2016) 575-582
      Simultaneous removal of multiple odorants from source water suffering from septic and musty odors: Verification in a full-scale water treatment plant with ozonation Guo Qingyuan,Yang Kai , Yu Jianwei*, Wang Chunmiao, Wen Xiaodong,Zhang Liping , Yang Min, Xia Ping,Zhang Dong Water Research 2016, 100: 1-6.
      Changes of resistome, mobilome and potential hosts of antibiotic resistance genes during the transformation of anaerobic digestion from mesophilic to thermophilic Tian Zhe, Zhang Yu*, Yu Bo, Yang Min Water Research 98 (2016) 261-269
      Influence of wastewater sludge treatment using combined peroxyacetic acid oxidation and inorganic coagulants re-flocculation on characteristics of extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) Zhang Weijun, Cao Bingdi, Wang Dongsheng, Ma Teng, Xia Hua, Yu Dehong WATER RESEARCH 2016,88:728-739
      Augmentation of protein-derived acetic acid production by heat-alkaline-induced changes in protein structure and conformation Wang Xu,Li Yanbo,Liu Junxin,Ren Nan-Qi,Qu Jiuhui Water Research 2016, 88: 595-603
      Composition analysis of fractions of extracellular polymeric substances from an activated sludge culture and identification of dominant forces affecting microbial aggregation Guo Xuan,Wang Xu,Liu Junxin Scientific Reports 2016, 6: 28391
      Occurrence and profiling of multiple nitrosamines in source water and drinking water of China. Wang Wanfeng, Yu Jianwei *,An Wei , Min Yang Science of the Total Environment 2016 551–552: 489–495
      Identification of complex septic odorants in Huangpu River source water by combining the data? from gas chromatography-olfactometry and comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography using retention indices Guo ?Qingyuan,?Yu Jianwei *, Yang Kai,Wen Xiaodong, Zhang Haifeng, Zhang Yu,Li Hongyan, Zhang Dong, Yang Min Science of the Total Environment 2016, 556: 36-44.
      Bio-kinetics evaluation and batch modeling of theanammox mixed culture in UASB and EGSBreactors: batch performance comparison andkinetic model assessment Niu Qigui , He Shilong , Zhang Yanlong, Yang Min, Li Yu-You* RSC advances 2016,6:3487-3500
      Occurrence, distribution, and potential influencing factors of sewage sludge components derived from nine full-scale wastewater treatment plants of Beijing, China Wang Xu,Li Meiyan,Liu Junxin,Qu Jiuhui Journal of Environmental Sciences 2016, 45: 233-239
      Enhancement of Fenton oxidation for removing organic matter from hypersaline solution by accelerating ferric system with hydroxylamine hydrochloride and benzoquinone Peng Siwei, Zhang Weijun, He Jie, Yang Xiaofang, Wang Dongsheng,Zeng Guisheng Journal of Environmental Science 2016,41:16-23
      Source-water odor during winter in the Yellow River area of China: Occurrence and diagnosis Li Xia, Yu Jianwei*, Guo Qingyuan, Su Ming, Liu Tingting, Yang Min, Zhao Yu Environmental Pollution 2016,128:252–258
      Targeting neurotrophic factors and their receptors, but not cholinesterase or neurotransmitter, in the neurotoxicity of TDCPP in Chinese rare minnow adults (Gobiocypris rarus) Yuan Lilai,Li Jiasu,Zha Jinmiao,Wang Zijian Environmental Pollution 208:670-677
      2,4-Dichloro-6-nitrophenol, a photonitration product of 2,4-dichlorophenol, caused anti-androgenic potency in Chinese rare minnows (Gobiocypris rarus) Chen Rui,Liu Cao,Yuan Lilai,Zha Jinmiao,Wang Zijian Environmental Pollution 216:591-598
      Inhibition and acclimation of nitrifiers exposed to erythromycin Du Jingru, Qi Weikang, Niu Qigui, Hu Yong, Zhang Yu, Yang Min, Li Yu-You* Ecological Engineering 2016(94) :337–343
      Enhanced removal for humic-acid (HA) and coagulation process using carbon nanotubes (CNTs)/polyalumium chloride (PACl) composites coagulants Xu Hui, Jiao Ruyuan,Xiao Feng, Wang Dongsheng COLLOIDS AND SURFACES A-PHYSICOCHEMICAL AND ENGINEERING ASPECTS 2016,490:189-199
      Review of OPFRs in animals and humans:Absorption, bioaccumulation, metabolism, and internal exposure research Hou Rui,Xu Yiping,Wang Zijian Chemosphere 153:78-90
      Identifying unknown by-products in drinking water using comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography–quadrupole mass spectrometry and in silico toxicity assessment Li Chunmei,Wang Donghong,Li Na,Luo Qian,Xu Xiong,Wang Zijian Chemosphere 163:535-543
      Mechanistic study of chlordecone-induced endocrine disruption:Based on an adverse outcome pathway network Yang Lihua,Zhou Bingsheng,Zha Jinmiao,Wang Zijian Chemosphere 161:372-381
      Identification and characterization of novel and conserved microRNAs in several tissues of the Chinese rare minnow (Gobiocypris rarus) based on illumina deep sequencing technology Hong, Xiangsheng,Qin, Jianhui,Chen, Rui,Yuan, Lilai,Zha, Jinmiao*,Wang, Zijian BMC genomics 17:283-293
      Variations in distribution and composition of extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) of biological sludge under potassium ferrate conditioning: Effects of pH and ferrate dosage Zhang Weijun, Cao Bingdi, Wang Dongsheng, Ma Teng, Yu Dehong BIOCHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL 2016,106:37-47
      Highly Active and Stable Catalysts of Phytic Acid-Derivative Transition Metal Phosphides for Full Water Splitting Zhang Gong,Wang Guichang,Liu Yang,Liu Huijuan,Qu Jiuhui,Li Jinghong Journal of the American Chemical Society 2016,138(44):14686?14693
      Combined genotoxicity of chlorinated products from tyrosine and benzophenone-4 Chang Yangyang, Bai Yaohui,Ji Qinghua,Huo Yang,Liu Huijuan,John C.Crittendenc, Qu Jiuhui Journal of Hazardous Materials 322 (2017) 387–393
      Adsorption of aromatic organoarsenic compounds by ferric and manganese binary oxide and description of the associated mechanism Tista Prasai Joshi,Zhang Gong,William A. Jefferson, Aleksandr V. Perfilev,Liu Ruiping,Liu Huijuan, Qu Jiuhui Chemical Engineering Journal 309 (2017) 577–587
      Establishment of a pretreatment method for tetracycline productionwastewater using enhanced hydrolysis. Yi Qizhen , Gao Yingxin, Zhang Hong,ZhangYu *,Zhang Haifeng Chemical Engineering Journal 2016 300:139–145
      Microstructure of carbon nitride affecting synergetic photocatalytic activity: Hydrogen bonds vs. structural defects Lan Huachun,Li Lili ,An Xiaoqiang,Liu Fei ,Chen Cuibai,Liu Huijuan,Qu Jiuhui Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 204 (2017) 49–57
      Substitution Boosts Charge Separation for High Solar-Driven Photocatalytic Performance Zhang Gong,Zhang Le,Liu Yang,Liu Limin, Huang Chin-Pao,Liu Huijuan,Li Jinghong ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2016,8(40): 26783?26793
      Prechlorination of algae-laden water: The effects of transportation time on cell integrity, algal organic matter release, and chlorinated disinfection byproduct formation Qi Jing,Lan Huachun,Liu Ruiping,Miao Shiyu Liu Huijuan,Qu Jiuhui Water Research 102 (2016) 221-228
      Simultaneous surface-adsorbed organic matter desorption and cell integrity maintenance by moderate prechlorination to enhance Microcystis aeruginosa removal in KMnO4-Fe(II) process Qi Jing,Lan Huachun,Liu Huijuan,Liu Ruiping,Miao Shiyu ,Qu Jiuhui Water Research 105 (2016) 551-558
      Enhancement of waste activated sludge dewaterability using calcium peroxide pre-oxidation and chemical re-flocculation Chen Zhan, Zhang Weijun, Wang Dongsheng, Ma Teng, Bai Runying, Yu Dezhong Water Research 2016,103:170-181
      Wastewater sludge dewaterability enhancement using hydroxyl aluminum conditioning: Role of aluminum speciation Cao Bingdi , Zhang Weijun,Wang Qiandi,Huang Yangrui,Meng Chenrui,Wamg Dongsheng Water Research 2016,105:615-624
      Characterization of unknown iodinated disinfection byproducts during chlorination/chloramination using ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometry Wang Xin, Wang Juan, Zhang Yahe, Shi Quan, Zhang Haifeng, Zhang Yu, Yang Min* Science of the Total Environment 2016(554-555):83-88.
      Sustainable water environment and water use: A perspective on water resource utilization Liu Huijuan,Wang Dongsheng,Yuan Baoling Journal of Environmental Sciences  2016,50:1-2
      Development and preliminary application of a method to assess river ecological status in the Hai River Basin, north China Shan Baoqing, Ding Yuekui, Zhao Yu Journal of Environmental Sciences 2016, 39:144-54
      Organic matter and pH affect the analysis efficiency of P-31-NMR Zhang Wenqiang, Jin Xin, Rong Nan, Li Jie, Shan Baoqing Journal of Environmental Sciences 2016, 43:244-9
      Interfacial mechanisms of heterogeneous Fenton reactions catalyzed by iron-based materials: A review He Jie, Yang Xiaofang, Men Bin, Wang Dongsheng Journal of Environmental Science 2016, 39:97-109
      Utilization of aluminum hydroxide waste generated in fluoride adsorption and coagulation processes for adsorptive removal of cadmium ion Ju Jiawei,Liu Ruiping,He Zan,Liu Huijuan,Zhang Xiwang,Qu Jiuhui Frontiers?of?Environmental?Science?&?Engineering 2016,10(3):467-476
      Heavy metals in surface sediments of the shallow lakes in eastern China: their relations with environmental factors and anthropogenic activities Zhang Wenqiang, Jin Xin, Di Zhenzhen, Zhu Xiaolei, Shan Baoqing Environmental science and pollution research international 2016, 23(24):1-10
      Total, chemical, and biological oxygen consumption of the sediments in the Ziya River watershed, China Rong Nan, Shan Baoqing Environmental Science and Pollution Research 2016, 23(13):13438-47
      Impact of extreme oxygen consumption by pollutants on macroinvertebrate assemblages in plain rivers of the Ziya River Basin, north China Ding Yuekui, Rong Nan, Shan Baoqing Environmental Science and Pollution Research 2016, 23(14):14147-56
      Phosphorus characteristics, distribution, and relationship with environmental factors in surface sediments of river systems in Eastern China Zhang Wenqiang, Jin Xin, Zhu Xiaolei, Shan Baoqing, Zhao Yu Environmental Science and Pollution Research 2016, 23(19):19440-9
      Distributions, fluxes, and toxicities of heavy metals in sediment pore water from tributaries of the Ziya River system, northern China Zhu Xiaolei, Shan Baoqing, Tang Wenzhong, Li Shanshan, Rong Nan Environmental Science and Pollution Research 2016, 23(6):5516-26
      Phosphorus speciation of sediments from lakes of different tropic status in Eastern China Zhang Wenqiang, Rong Nan, Jin Xin, Li Jie, Ding Yuekui, Zhu Xiaolei, et al Environmental Science and Pollution Research 2016, 23(7):6767-73
      Heavy metals in estuarine surface sediments of the Hai River Basin, variation characteristics, chemical speciation and ecological risk Lei Pei, Zhang Hong, Shan Baoqing, Lv Shucong, Tang Wenzhong Environmental Science and Pollution Research 2016, 23(8):7869-79
      Composition of phosphorus in wetland soils determined by SMT and solution 31P-NMR analyses Zhang Wenqiang, Jin Xin, Ding Yuekui, Zhu Xiaolei, Rong Nan, Li Jie, et al Environmental Science and Pollution Research 2016, 23(9):9046-53
      Bioturbation effects on heavy metals fluxes from sediment treated with activated carbon Min Bin , He Yi, Yang Xiaofang, Meng Jian,Liu Fei, Wang Dongsheng Environmental science and pollution research 2016,23:9114-9121
      Utilization of annealed aluminum hydroxide waste with incorporated fluoride for adsorptive removal of heavy metals Liu Ruiping,Ju Jiawei,He Ziliang Hu Chengzhi,Liu Huijuan ,Qu Jiuhui Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochem. Eng. Aspects 504 (2016) 95–104
      Roles of coagulant species and mechanisms on floc characteristics and filterability Jiao Ruyuan, Fabris Rolando, Chow Christopher,Drikas Mary,van Leeuwen John, Wang Dongsheng CHEMOSPHERE 2016,150:211-218
      Aeolian input of phosphorus to a remote lake induced increase of primary production at the Tibetan Plateau Zhang Hong, Lei Pei, Shan Baoqing, Tang Wenzhong, Ao Liang Rsc Advances 2016, 6(99):96853-60
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