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      Black Carbon-Supported Microbial Redox Transformation and Its Role in Remediation

          報 告 人: Prof. Pei C. Chiu       特拉華大學土木與環境工程系 教授

           Dr. Pei Chiu’s research areas include fate of pollutants in natural and engineered systems, use of biochar and zero-valent iron for stormwater and drinking water treatment, and redox processes in subsurface environments. He received a Faculty Early Career Development Award from NSF and Excellence in Teaching Award from University of Delaware College of Engineering.

          Selected Publications:
      Saquing, J., Yu, Y.-H. and Chiu, P. C. (2016) Wood-Derived Black Carbon (Biochar) as a Microbial Electron Donor and Acceptor. Environmental Science & Technology Letters, 3(2), 62–66.
      Yu, Y.-H. and Chiu, P. C. (2014) Kinetics and Pathway of Vinyl Fluoride Reduction over Rhodium. Environmental Science & Technology Letters, 1(11), 448–452.
      Shi, C., Wei, J., Jin, Y., Kniel, K. E. and Chiu, P. C. (2012) Removal of Viruses and Bacteriophages from Drinking Water Using Zero-Valent Iron. Separation & Purification Technology, 84, 72–78.
      Phillips, K. L., Sandler, S. I. and Chiu, P. C. (2011) A Method to Calculate the One-Electron Reduction Potentials for Nitroaromatic Compounds Based on Gas-Phase Quantum Mechanics. Journal of Computational Chemistry, 32(2), 226–239.
      Phillips, K. L., Chiu, P. C. and Sandler, S. I. (2010) Reduction Rate Constants for Nitroaromatic Compounds Estimated from Adiabatic Electron Affinities. Environmental Science & Technology, 44(19), 7431–7436.

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